Welcome to Vista Storm Soccer Club’s Competitive Program.

Our mission is to develop an individual’s positive self image.  The Vista Storm Competitive Program serves to enable area youth to achieve this goal.  All players are encouraged to develop their soccer skills to the fullest extent and to function successfully as team members.  The Club strives to promote a healthy competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, and other positive personal attributes upon which players may draw throughout their lives.  We further support participation based upon individual interest and ability rather then economic circumstance.  By developing the character and skill of its players, the Vista Storm Competitive Program seeks to foster community-wide support for youth soccer, heighten recognition of the Vista area, and achieve soccer excellence throughout Cal South.   

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at


Competitive Philosophy

Train players to be exceptional players, with exceptional abilities.

- Players have to control the ball at top speed under extreme pressure.  

Players should have fun playing and develop an appreciation for the game.

- Every practice is an opportunity to improve; each player is an essential piece of the puzzle.

- Produce National level soccer players and National Champion teams every year.

- U15-U19 teams must play advanced formation to prepare them for college.

-  Athletic performance is not the only thing valued by the Club.