2023 Fall Rec: Important Dates

May 1:

- Online Registration is Open.

- Walk-in registrations accepted during regular clubhouse hours.

- D7(2019-18) & D6(2017-16): $165

- D5(2015-14), D4(2013-12), D3(2011-10), D2(2009-08), & D1(2007-05): $190


May 29:

- Last day of Early Registration fees.


May 30:

- Regular Registration begins.

- D7(2019-18) & D6(2017-16): $195

- D5(2015-14), D4(2013-12), D3(2011-10), D2(2009-08), & D1(2007-05): $225


July 1 at Midnight:

- Last day of Fall 2023 Registration.


July 2:

- Online Registration closes, late registration begins (at clubhouse only).

- $20 late fee added to late registrations.

- Late registrations go to the Waitlist.

- There is NO guarantee that a player will be placed on a team.

- If a player is NOT placed on a team they can have their fees refunded or extended to be used for    the following season


August 2nd & 3rd: Coaches Meetings & Coaches pickup rosters.


August 2nd - 10th: Coaches contact players via email or phone. 

August 12th: Coaches Training: "Teach the Teachers" coaches training at Vista Sports Park.

  • D6/D7 - 9-10 am

  • D2/D3/D4/D5 - 10:30-11:30 am 

The Coaches Clinics are conducted by our top competitive coaches. We will invite Competitive players to participate in the training sessions so that you can observe and take notes. At the end of your assigned clinic, you will receive your coaches bags, which will include your starter kit (cones & 2 soccer balls) and players uniforms! No coaches’ bags will be handed out before or during your assigned clinic. Please make it a priority to attend! 

August 14th: First week of practice 

August 19th: Soccer Fest/Picture Day: 8am to 3pm

September 8th & 9th: Week 1 games

October 6th: Player Evaluations must be emailed to Josh Eckle: dirofreccoachesvistastormsc@gmail.com


November 3 & 4:

- Last weekend of Fall Season D7-D4.

- End of Season Tournament for D5 & D4 @ Sports Park.

- D3, D2 & D1 end of season TBD by SoCal.

November 8 - 10:

* All Star Tryouts *

- D6, D5, D4, & D3 only.

- Invite only*.

- Tryout dates/times will be emailed to the players we have invited.

* PLEASE NOTE: We have a growing club with lots of fantastic soccer players. Unfortunately, we can't invite every player to try outs, so there may be some talented players who get left off the invite. With a limited roster size and the need to fill each position with players that specialize in those positions, there are only a few spots left over for substitution players. So, for example, we could have 10 players in a division who score 10+ goals in a season, but the All Star team can only take 4 since they also need a couple of goalies, 4-6 defenders and 3-5 midfielders.

Mid November - End of January:  All Star practices and tournaments.